Nonamelane is a street wear art brand created by artist Keikilani.

What is the meaning behind the name?

'The brand doesn't associate it self to anything, to any name or brand or association, to being categorized as one thing or to be called one thing' I want to have the 'no name' factor of just being opened to anything, imagination, creation, freedom, openness, happiness, and peace etc and for my viewers to believe in these things, to believe in themselves and by being themselves. So by going with the factor of having a brand name as 'no name lane', the brand doesn't have a specific category to associate with, I want the viewers to see it as it is, creativity never stops, changes never stop, hence 'no name lane'.

Behind the artist Keikilani

Keikilani is a Tahitian French/Dutch self taught artist currently based in Australia, Queensland. Originally from the small island of Tahiti and raised but born in the United states of America. Keikilani moved to Australia at the age of 12, moving back and forth from United states.

Keikilani is passionate about various forms of medium, including acrylics, digital work, illustration, inks etc. Keiki is known for her bright bold colourful artworks and her quirky square, circle, triangular characters with a unique sense of creating street art mixed with cultural influences.